Paulo Edvandro Costa Pinto, Ph.D. - Brazil


Captain Paulo Edvandro da Costa Pinto,  from Brazil,  has  been  a  member  of  the  Inter-American Defense College faculty since July 2015. He is a of Brazilian Navy, and Ph.d. in International Law from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2014, and  in  Maritime  Policy and  Strategy  for  the  Brazilian  Naval  War  College  in 2014  too.  He received a  Bachelor's  Degree  in  Naval  Sciences  by  the Brazilian  Naval  Academy  in 1989,  and    Bachelor's  Degree  in  Law  from  the University  of  the  State  of  Rio  de Janeiro  in 2002,  and  Master's  Degree  in Naval Sciences from the Brazilian Naval WarCollege in 2006.


He is currently serves as a member of the Inter-American Defense College’s faculty. He is also a researcher and Professor collaborator of the International Institute  of Humanitarian  Law (IIHL-Sanremo,  Italy),  and  Director  of  the Center for the Study of Law of the Sea “ Vicente Marotta Rangel” of the University of Sao Paulo (CEDMAR-USP). Dr. Costa Pinto was competitively selected to serve on the faculty of the Inter-American  Defense  College.  Prior  to  her  assignment  to  the  Inter-American Defense College, Dr. Costa Pinto taught for eight years at the Brazilian Naval War  College,  where  he  had  the  opportunity  to  teach  International  Law, Humanitarian  Law  and  Law  of  the  Sea  to  the  students  of  the  courses  of senior military studies from the Brazilian Naval War School Cap.


Costa  Pinto served  several  times  as support command in  Operational Law,  standing  out  among  other  activity as the CJAG (Chief  of  Judge Advocate  General)  in Support  to  the Combined  Force  Maritime  Component Commander, PANAMAX 2012. Dr.  Costa  Pinto  is  a  member  of  the  Brazilian  Academy  of  International  Law (ABDI)  since  2009,  and  he  is  author  of  several  articles  on  international  law thematic.  In  year  of  2015,  he  published  a  book  by  Editors  Arraes  (Belo Horizonte) entitled Humanitarian Intervention: speech or international law.


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